Thursday, 14 November 2013

Location organisation

This is the list of the set of locations for our new video

The video of the child playing football - this can be filmed in my garden where we have adult supervision, lots of space and all the necessary props like footballs and goalposts, a back up to this is in a local field. I have a park by my house with very suitable scenery for the shot.

Student - we will be using a classroom in college then later going to a local pub or bar to capture the student life, this will be filmed in black and white and can use a specific local pub called The Oak Apple as it is an older looking pub.

Working man - we can use my grandparent's house for this, it is an old fashioned house and is extremely suitable for this video.

War section - we will use a war memorial site in a park by my house. This time of year is ideal as poppies are around everywhere and the weather creates a perfect mood.

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