Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Digipak research

I looked at my personal selection of digipak albums displayed in this picture and looked at reoccurring themes and ideas. I noticed that the digipak once opened up displays one image stretched along both or all three pages of the booklet. In a small number they were separate images but the vast majority displayed one shot which could be a band shot, a live performance shot, a band logo or just a disjunctive shot. This has given me inspiration and ideas for my own digipak using the heartbeat monitor idea.

I also noticed that on almost all of the digipaks I looked at, the track listing took up just a small amount of space on the page, and the rest of the space used a logo, a fairly blank page or a mixture of the two. Once again, this has given me a lot of inspiration for ideas on my digipak.

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