Thursday, 17 October 2013

Helpful comments

Overall the reaction to our pitch was very good, everyone said the target audience was suitable, everybody liked the idea of using a silhouette and said it was very original. They commended the planning and detail we put into the idea and picked up on the fact that although it is very difficult to film in one take, it is very basic and minimalist and the real pressure comes from the editing. The overall reaction was that it will be difficult but is certainly achievable and sounds exciting.

However there were some comments to help us improve upon our idea;

  • We were told we should do more test shots using the morphsuit, perhaps in a different location and have more green screen practice.
  • We were told to have backup plans for any idea that doesn't go well. I anticipate this being important as there is a lot of ideas that might not work and we will only find out through a process of elimination.
  • Location - we are yet to secure a suitable location. We are unsure whether to film outside in a more suitable environment but handheld and a possibility of bad weather or inside where perhaps it is less suitable but can be filmed smoothly from a tripod and edited easier.

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