Friday, 13 September 2013

Illustrative, amplifying and disjunctive videos

Andrew Goodwin came up with a framework for music video analysis which has stood the test of time and has provided a method on how to link the video to the track.


An illustrative video is a video that represents fully the lyrics and the theme of the song, for example the video for Oasis' Rock N Roll Star. The lyrics of "tonight, I'm a rock and roll star" are clearly by the represented by the live performance video of them playing to thousands of adoring fans, it is very literal.


An amplifying video is one that shows the theme(s) of a song, but also adds a whole new layer of meaning to the song as well. A good example of this is Kate Nash's video for Foundations. In particular the "you said I must eat so many lemons" lyric. It doesn't say "I eat so many lemons" yet the video is of her eating a plate full on lemon wedges. From this we can learn that she isn't taking the meaning of bitterness as it's literal meaning.


A disjunctive video is one that shows no logical correlation between the theme of the song and the features of the video. For example in the video for Arctic Monkey's Fluorescent Adolescent we see a fight between a clown and a businessman who have been friends since early childhood, although the song itself is about promiscuous teenagers.

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