Friday, 28 June 2013

Second task

Our second task was to do a video remake of the first minute and eight seconds of Busted's That's What I Go To School For video. The steps we took were as follows.

  • One member of the group watched the video a few times to write down every single shot for a storyboard, so when it came to filming, we knew exactly what shots we had to do and how many there was.
  • Another member of the group was in charge of getting props, so he had to watch through the video to find all the props needed. It ended up with all the actors supplying their own school uniform and the college providing guitars. This could be better organised next time.
  • A third member was also assigned director and made a list of personell required with all of their roles. For example I was assigned the part of Busted's Charlie in the video.
  • We sent people to scout college to find good areas to do shots in, this was done very well because it fit in with the risk assesment we made for the video shoot, and it made for the most relevant shot to the video.
  •  I was also given the task of planning a schedule which also included finding out when people were and weren't available, and writing down a list of dates where we could shoot some scenes, and different days for when those actors were away. I feel I could've done this better as it was all very spontaneous.
  • The equipment was easy to book as it was supplied almost immediately.

The cameraman also had to learn how to use the equipment supplied for us, which was a basic video camera and a tripod.

We had to use many tools to put this together on Premier Pro, including learning how to import videos to the software, using the original track, using tools like the aformentioned unlink and razor to position them correctly on the timeline and just like the Motorhead lip sync video, upload the video to Youtube.

Overall, I think the storyboard was the most useful exercise, because it helped us to plan the shooting and it helped us keep in check on what we had done, and what we still had to do, even more so that the schedule. I will definitely carry that planning onto A2 as it has proven very effecive. Had we been given more time, I believe the schedule would've been a lot more helpful as well.

Next year, I am very interested as to how myskills on Premier Pro will develop, as so far it seems like a very easy and understandable piece of software to use.

During the outside filming, we didn't have the track ready to play, so we had to load the video on a phone and use that, which was very quiet with all the crowd moving around. Also we will need to organise props better, as my guitar didn't have a strap which made it very difficult to film with.

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